SHAFTED UNCUT’ - Primal part1. Part2 is this

I have the whole scene in one hot, makes my dick drool, clip.  I saw that “part 2” seems to be in B&W.  Wondering if I should post it (don’t wanna overpost something that’s already been around the block a few times).  Can anyone enlighten me on the stars of this gem?  I’m particularly hot and bothered by the bearded horsecock loving bottom.  He’s the spitting image of the first man that gave me a BJ when I was 17.  He was my barber.  Pulled the blinds and closed the shop with me sitting in the chair, and just started in on me.  Finished with “you can have that anytime you need it, kid… just come back when it’s near closing time”.  My hair (and later, my beard) was never so well groomed before or since the last two years of HS.  I was always complemented for being such a clean cut young man. Fuck, he was amazing… 

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    Summer camp all over again
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